#perchisceglie: a strong identification that’s also an invitation.

This is the reason for choosing such a name for a blog by Serena 1881, the new brand launched by our winery, Serena Wines 1881.

There could be no better occasion for such a project than the 140th anniversary of the foundation of Serena Wines 1881. Because to celebrate the story of an old-established, but constantly evolving business based on strong ties to its territory’s natural wealth and inhabitants means starting from our roots to project ourselves into the future.

We believe our choices determine who we are: “yes” and “no” at the right time, our ability to take a stance, get involved and change perspective.

Our roots inspire us: those places of the soul we belong to, from where we set off and to which we always return. In between, a will and a desire to explore the world, its wealth and contradictions.

We believe that beauty, courage and commitment should be made known and celebrated as a source of inspiration: so that we can change, evolve and build.

These are the values we have in common with those who choose Serena 1881, and that’s why we have decided to share them on our blog. 

Six themes, six different ways of life, six personalities: those who love to travel, create, take on commitments, win, achieve success and pamper themselves. 

Matched to them, six great wines by Serena 1881: different varieties of Prosecco whose characteristics are just right for recalling the themes of our blog.

#perchisceglie is intended as a project that invites inspiration, knowledge and encounters: a place in which to make room for innovation, for projects organised in the territory, for iconic stories of commitment and courage.  Without forgetting the lightheartedness of being together, loving style and life. 

It’s our space, but more especially yours.  You, who, like us, believe in the value of important or mundane choices: every day, towards the future.