Which Serena1881 personality are you?


Do you love to travel or do you prefer to stay at home relaxing? Hard workouts or long walks with your dog? Handcraft afternoons or intense work sessions?

Fill out the questionnaire and find out that your personality #why you are and what is the most suitable wine for you!

Find out your Personality @ Vinitalty 2022

During the weekend I can … 

1. Spend time with my dog
2. Change the decor of my home
3. Do yoga and relax
4. Workout!
5. Go visit a winery
6. What is the weekend? I have to work!

I enjoy the company of…

1. My teammates 
2. Netflix!
3. My friends
4. People I met while on holiday
5. My family 
6. My colleagues 

In my dreams...

1. I’m travelling around the world 
2. I’m walking in a forest 
3. I’m at the olympics 
4. I’m at Hogwarts 
5. I dunno, I just need to sleep 
6. I have an empire 

What best describes me between …

1. Montblanc 
2. Meditation apps
3. Leaf
4. Passport
5. House keys
6. Gym shoes 

My favourite TV show is…

1. Masterchef
2. Rocky
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. Billions
5. Sex & City 
6. On the Road

All 5 questions completed!

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Find out your Personality @ Vinitalty 2022

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