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Spring awakens nature filling the air with a scent of flowers and colours, but also the desire to depart and discover the world. 

There are infinite destinations and 7 lives would not be enough to visit the whole world, but a couple of weekends over the year can be dedicated to your personal wish list, visiting all the places you would like.  

In 2022, must-see spots are various and for all tastes starting from an adventure surrounded by the green to a relaxing day at the spa, and again from the discovery of a city of art, to the blue-therapy of the islands.

Out of all opportunities of travels for 2022, we have selected for you three destinations that will make you want to start count downing!


Briefly: white beaches, Crystal Sea and healthy food

Crete is the biggest Greek island and in fifth place for dimensions in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus and Corsica. 

The island has an ancient history and is the background to many myths such as the ones of Theseus and Arianna or Daedalus and Icarus. Moreover, there is the possibility of visiting both art-full places like the Archaeological museum of Heraklion, and breathless beaches as the incredible Elafonissi situated on the west side of the island. On this beach, located on a protected-area, you can observe how the colours pink and blue merge with rare animals such as the loggerhead sea turtle and the Mediterranean monk seal. Another astonishing beach is the Balos lagoon, a strip of land that forms only during low tide’s hours, and boasts one of the most beautiful crystal seas in the world. 

One more locality to stop by is the Cnossos Palace, built around 2000 B.F. It is considered the most important archaeological site of the bronze era. Today you can admire the ruins in which are still partially visible some of the red coloured frescos, typical of the Minoan Society. A holiday in which sea and history lovers can be satisfied, splitting the days between swims and museum’s visits. 

Typical meals of the Cretans kitchen are the perfect company for this kind of holiday. You can choose between fast-eatable meals such as the pita gyros or meat skewers, or enjoyable ones by the sea with the smell of feta, tomatoes and cucumber. A must have? A tzatziki sauce-and-yoghourt-based starter. 


Briefly: James Joyce, pubs and green meadows

The capital city of Ireland, Dublin, is custodian to myths and stories thanks to which it managed to build, throughout the centuries, a unique atmosphere, making it the most visited city on the island. 

Dublin is a city to discover on foot, walking through the streets, discovering step-by-step the vitality and the cheerful spirit of the place. 

Among the places worth visiting there is the Trinity College, the most ancient university in Ireland founded by Elizabeth II in 1592 with a library containing over 200.000 books, and the National Museum of Ireland where are also exhibited the bog men, swamp’s mummies from the iron era. 

There is also the possibility to relax at St Stephens’s Green, a park surrounded by the houses in the city centre where you can read a book or have a picnic at lunch. 

A mandatory stop is at one of the many pubs in the city, to enjoy a pint of craft beer alongside some snacks and appetisers. One of the many animated districts during the night is Temple Bar, where you can also attend different live folk concerts inside one of the many venues in the neighbourhood. 

A heart-beating city to visit and let yourself go to the fun-loving spirit of its inhabitants. 


Briefly: walkings, bike and unique views

If your heart screams “mountains”, your 2022’s destination would be Vorarlberg, in Austria, situated at the border between the Arlberg massif and Constance Lake. 

It is a very small western Austrian region, but full of opportunities thanks to its many natural landscapes. 

The more known valleys near this region are Montafon, Kleinwalsertal, Brandnertal and Grosses Walsertal. Here you will be able to enjoy green areas, surrounded by the Alps, where to have a walk and mountain bike routes. Adventures in open air with enjoyable fresh air also during the hottest summers. 

In addition, the capital city is also a very beautiful place to stop by; we are talking about Bregenz, a town on the Constance Lake where you can admire the view, the small squares and narrow streets to walk by. 

During the summer, in the evening, it is possible to attend the Bregenz Festival, which has been running since 1946. A show that takes place on a floating stage and at which 7’000 spectators are welcomed every night. 

An unexpected destination for a holiday at the discovery of nature and yourself, between green meadows and wood houses, tradition and sustainable life. 


Travelling is an investment in yourself and your culture. It permits us to open our minds and challenge your adapting capabilities, discovering different cultures and learning to respect each other. 

Wine is also part of the journey to discover new places. Yes, because wine is an integral part of the culture of the peoples and of the events of a territory: it has always been.

This is also the case for the wines of Serena 1881: such as Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry, produced following codified rules that belong to the experience of our lands. A young, exciting wine, suitable for an evening of chatter and laughter: like those that you organize with friends when you return from a trip.

These Europeans 2022’s destinations are only a few of the marvellous stops that our continent offers and the compass always indicates new landing-places to discover. 

As Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines! Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”. 

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