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Prosecco hills: what to see and where to taste a good glass of wine

The Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, in the north-east of Italy, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019.

The site includes the hilly belt that extends from the municipality of Valdobbiadene to that of Vittorio Veneto. The territory covers 19 thousand hectares, it includes 15 municipalities and is characterized by disconnected hills and small valleys.

The mosaic aspect of the landscape is the result of environmental and agricultural practices. The plots dedicated to vineyards, established on the edges, coexist with woodlands, small woods, hedges and rows of trees that act as corridors that connect different habitats. Small villages are scattered along the ridges, along the narrow valleys or on the peaks. A unique landscape that attracts tourists and wine lovers from all over the world every year.

Let’s see together what you can’t miss if you decide to visit this splendid area of ​​Veneto, perhaps riding an e-bike to be sustainable and keep fit:


Villa Maser is a palace built in the mid-sixteenth century by Andrea Palladio for the Barbaro family.

The villa is included in the Unesco heritage site and it is possible to visit the interior, frescoed by Paolo Veronese, and the garden.


Along the Prosecco road there is Cison di Valmarino, a small medieval village dominated by the imposing Castel Brando, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy!

Located in the heart of the Prosecco Hills, what was once the fortress to defend the Via Imperiale Claudia Augusta in Roman times, has now become a 4-star hotel with a spa also open to external visitors.

To reach the castle it is possible to park the car and take a comfortable funicular up to the entrance of the fortress.

Here you can walk inside the gardens and courtyards, now used as bars and restaurants, there is also a large open-air theater and an art gallery. To visit the interior of the hotel and the armour room, however, you must book in advance.


Founded by the Cistercians in the 12th century, the Abbey of Follina was completely restored in 1922. Inside it is possible to find two architectural styles that characterize it: the Gothic of the naves and the Romanesque of the three apses as well as various frescoes attributed to the school of Veronese.

A small door on the right aisle leads to the cloister, built in 1200, with beautiful columns of various shapes!


Don’t miss the Revine lakes. These two bodies of water are surrounded by vineyards and with the Cansiglio, Pian delle Femene and Col Visentin in the background.

The area is very important from a historical and naturalistic point of view as archaeological remains of a settlement on stilts dating back to the Neolithic have been found.

A few years ago in the Livelet area a park was established with educational activities and outdoor workshops with a space dedicated to the reconstruction of dwellings on stilts during the Neolithic period. Also very beautiful is the Revine lakes walk, which completes a 7 km loop around the two lakes.


Refrontolo, a small town famous for its wine, hides a jewel with a charm of yesteryear among the hills: the Croda mill.

Built in 1600 and remodeled several times, this mill remained in operation until 1957 and then fell into complete abandonment.

Purchased by the Municipality in 1991, it has recently been restored and is now used as a small museum; inside, the millstone has been rebuilt and is now made operational again. A magical place to visit!


Located on the hill above Tarzo, Ville d’Arfanta is a historic estate owned by the Serena family, owner for 5 generations of the Serena Wines 1881 winery, a leader in the production of Prosecco. In this splendid villa in the middle of the vineyards, it is possible to do guided tasting activities, including:

– Prosecco Tour: discovering the Ville d’Arfanta prosecco

– Romantic Tour: a picnic at sunset immersed in the vineyard with typical local products

– Adventure Tour: a tour of the UNESCO heritage hills on the saddle of an e-bike with final aperitif

– Bubbles Tour: a comparative tasting of Prosecco and Champagne

Reservations are required and can be made at the following link:

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