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Prosecco: best pairings to enhance it

Prosecco is a wine defined as “for the whole meal” because it the perfect accompaniment to
every course: from appetizers to dessert. More precisely is perfect to be combined with
dishes of delicate taste, that are able to enhance the aroma of wine without affecting its
taste. It is necessary though, to select the right amount of residual sugar in the sparkling
wines combined to each course. Let’s see how it’s done:

  • Appetizers
  • First courses
  • Second courses
  • Desserts


For the appetizers Prosecco should be served pure, in order to maintain its flavour
unaltered. For this course the optimal choice would be a Zero Dosage.
Regarding the food, thanks to its versatility, a crouton would be the best pairing to the
venetian sparkling wine. It can be served in a fish variant, combined with gorgonzola,
smoked salmon and chives
, or in a meat variant accompanied with goat cheese, raw ham
and figs
In alternative is possible to go for a more complex preparation, such as creamed cod, or a
quicker one like vegetarian skewer.
A special mention goes to the fish, oysters and other crudités, which can be perfectly
paired with Prosecco. Smoked sturgeon, shrimps and prawns are only some of the highest
quality pairings, as their salty notes are perfectly balanced with the wine.

First courses

For the first courses a perfect pairing could be an original Prosecco Rosé in order to
enhance those dishes made of vegetables or white meat.
A special gem, even if it is not considered as a true pairing, is risotto with prosecco. One of a
kind would be the risotto with prosecco and shrimps, which will undoubtfully be able to
surprise any palate.
Other suggested pairings are mushrooms or seafood. These ingredients of clear-cut
flavours, together with a delicate wine, give life to well-balanced and aromatic dishes.

Second Courses

For the second courses an interesting choice would be of tasting a Brut or an Extra Brut
wine with some mortadella or cooked ham on the side.
The most known pairing is again fish. From the sweeter dishes, such as molluscs or
scallops, seafood, crustaceans, shrimps and prawns, to fillets of sea bass and sea bream.
In general wine and fish are always an optimal combination.
During spring and summer another worth-mentioning pairing regards with salads and
unique dishes, caprese salad with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, rice salads made of
fresh ingredients or a salad niçoise with tuna. this wine goes along really well with anything
that is fresh, simple and delicate.


At the beginning of this article we have highlighted how Prosecco can be paired with every
course, but it is not the case when it comes to dessert.
Even if they are frequently served together, it might not be the best idea to pair a dessert
with prosecco.
If you really cannot avoid a glass of prosecco, we advise to choose one with a high residual
, such as a Dry or an Extra Dry.

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