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Wine notes: a sensorial synergy between wine and music

If you love wine and music, you must have noticed that there is an incredible connection between the two. It is not just coincidence that the two are likely to be paired together during social and cultural events. There is a scientific reason that explains and demonstrates this relation that goes beyond just a sensory appeal.

After the great success at Casa Sanremo 2023, an event that has helped Serena Wines 1881 set foot into the Italian music industry, we have decided to strengthen the relation between wine and music beginning a path toward the music’s world made of concerts, events and manifestations that will feature our brands.

Rhythm, flavors and scents

Wine and music share some common treats that make them the perfect duo: the capacity to evoke emotions, highlight feelings and stimulate senses. The wine, mostly known for its aromas, flavours and complexity and the music, with its rhythm, melodies and harmonies can give life to a unique sensorial experience that can transport you to another dimension.

The way in which wine and music influence each other is extremely fascinating. Some studies have demonstrated how taste and perception of wine can be influenced by the music you hear in the background. 

For example, if while you’re tasting a full-bodied red wine such as the Merlot Veneto IGT, you listen to classic music the perception will be of an elegant and fine wine. If instead you’re sipping a glass of light wine such as the Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut with the latest pop hit playing in the background, the sensorial experience can seem fresher, and playful in some ways. This phenomenon is called “sonic seasoning” and is based on the theory that the sound can influence the taste and sensorial experience. According to a research by the Heriot Watt University of Edinburgh, the right type of music can highlight up to 60% the wine’s taste. Moreover, certain music genres, for example those with higher tones, can make the wine sweeter, while lower tones songs can make it sourer. 

Emotions in a bottle

Wine and music share a common history, that is commonly associated with tradition and passion. The wine production and music creation are two activities that require competence, dedication and creativity.

Their connection is one of the most fascinating expressions of the internal sensorial synergy and capacity to appreciate and celebrate the beauty that surrounds us

The next time you’ll enjoy a glass of wine, try to combine it with a song that completes its taste profile.

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